Abgeschoben und ausgeschlossen

Hallo ihr Lieben, viele Menschen kennen das Gefühl, sich aus einer Gruppe ausgeschlossen zu fühlen und einsam unter Menschen zu sein. Und irgendwann weiß man gar nicht mehr, sofern man es überhaupt mal erfahren hat, wie es ist, sich dazugehörig zu fühlen. Die Ursachen sind so vielfältig wie die Situationen und Lebensumstände, in denen man... Weiterlesen →

No more words

Your words meant everything when we sat in the kitchen, as you lifted my head with your warm fingers under my chin. "You will never be alone again. We are one, it is 'we two'. You've always known this as I do!" A glimpse in your ocean blue eyes I couldn't imagine that this would... Weiterlesen →

I wish you could have been a better man

You could always have known someone's there who's got your back. You could always have felt my sweet kisses on your tasty neck. You could always have been secure about my hands holding yours. You could always have been down, I would have been layed besides you on the ground. If only you would have... Weiterlesen →


I used to miss the topics we discussed. I used to miss my best friend and this whole soulmate stuff, the late night talks, long-distance chats and our laughs. I heard someone saying: "The apology has to be louder than the mistakes that made the relationship rough and fighting for it tough." I've lost hope,... Weiterlesen →

Surviving or Living

Following words are profoundly beautiful and I hope, you’ll enjoy and feel them as much as me. Thank you for sharing your heart with us „Bipolarwriter“ 🙏❤️

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Surviving means denying death. It means focusing on staying away from hunger, thirst, mortal wounds, and other such life-threatening things. Also, when you live with mental illness often your symptoms are so severe it feels like you are dying or what you imagine dying must feel like. So, you learn to live in a survival mode just to make it through most days.

While surviving focuses on how not to die and to withstand another moment in time, living centers around life and how to embrace life to the fullest and enjoy the beauty of living. Both have the same end result–living.

Recently, I realized I spent the last twenty-five years of my life surviving–figuring out sometimes just how to make it through and survive another minute–one minute at a time–1440 minutes 365 days a year for over twenty-five years.

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I tried to enjoy life as much as I could through the pain, sorrows, loss…

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