Day by day

Let that negative shit go and observe, what stays. Then let your energy flow only in this direction and make this a habit day by day.

So many traps

If I've ever fucked it up, all I needed was warm arms to wrap around my shoulders and my waist keeping me away and holding me back, a gentle voice whose whispers swirl directly into my head, to not jump again in that viral trap.


I hope you don't mind, I'm gonna be quiet for a long period of time. At least in your measure. It's such a pleasure to just shut up, while my head and my heart are turning the volume up.


Maybe you're right. Maybe I'm not. Maybe you're the light and I'm the fraud. But I can't help myself, and I hope you don't mind, I really wanna give it a shot to find out what's behind.


I've got some issues, to be an uninterrupted me. The development of my identiy wasn't a process filled with serenity. The part you can feel, is what wasn't caused by me. The part you can see, is how it expresses itself to be seen.

You matter

You matter. No matter what. Nothing could change that, our pathes have already crossed. For now we might not be seeing, wether its purpose is for completing or for losing what needs to be lost.

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