Childish believes

There's a childish thing that we want to jump in with closed eyes. It's a natural need, to give a hundred percent and to believe it's trustworthy. Facing so much, proving me wrong, but I can't help myself I'll hold on to the indestructible believe: I just have to pass the tests to prove these... Weiterlesen →

Embracing the good vibes

Make it a good time, embrace the good vibes. The bad files will stay. Doesn't matter how bad you want them to go away. Without the night you couldn't recognize the day. Feeling the dark will focus you on the sunrays to stay in your sparkling heart.

A story of changing and creating

I found your system I wanted it to be changed. Instead of feeling blissful it caused a lot of pain. In desperate anger I was chained. In finding failures, instead of empowering you to create. I hope you accept my apologies. I've not known how to behave.


From time to time worlds businesses are overwhelming me. I'm not in this reality, it's more like am watching from behind the scenes. Sometimes I'm forced to participate. That's when it starts absorbing my brain. So, please just leave and let me flee right back into my reality.

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