Rhythm of life

Totally stuck and bored beyond words,

running like roadrunner, heading to get faster and higher as if you have wings to fly,


extremly exhausted and smashed down to to ground.

This is how it feels as long as you haven´t found your own rhythm, your own pace of life.

This is how it feels as long as you haven´t found out, that the speed you are living at is not your own but rather everyone else´s.

And the brain, the brain that doesn´t recognize itself, is constantly telling you that everyone else´s goals in life have to be yours. It is oriented by the lifestyle of others. Because the brain, the brain that doesn´t recognize itself, doesn´t know its own.

Time to find out, what our own current rhythm of life is. Especially in times of changing winds, when the rhythm is changing too, we are losing the connection to ourselves and cling to external imaginations of how the change should proceed and to what rhythm it should lead. We have too many examples to watch and orient by. On one side that´s a great opportunity, but on the other side, on the side where we have problems to define ourselves clearly and are not able to distance our identity(-ies) from the environment, it´s making us sick and tired.

To find our own pace, it´s necessary to define an identity more clearly, to get in touch with the inner parts – all of them – glue them together to the sculptur you always wanted to be, no matter how long this might take (took a decade of consciously working on it for me). And then, I promise, that´s the point, when everything falls into piece. That´s the point, when everything falls into peace.


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