I´m not scared of passing over,
I´m not afraid to die.
What makes me anxious is being sober,
weaned from thoughts and emotions laced in a tie.

I´m frightened of limits that are not mine,
it´s dreadful to stay in your line.
They cut my wings, the lines you want to set me,
to hinder that I´ll fly in the flow of my own Ch´i.

The stormy deep sea and the colorful skies,
they all have blurred lines.
I am the slurring painter because that reality is mine.
Go away with your hardlines then everthing will be fine.

Do not force me into your world,
this is something I´m not able to hold,
on my shoulders and on my back.
It would push me away from my track.

I´d be lost and weighed down,
by the limits of your artificial created town.

Let me fly with the light,
let me think the thoughts that you might find
blinded and out of touch with the world
just because you can´t recognize the truth that is curled.

Nothing is as straight as you think.
But you won´t feel this, no matter how often you blink
to swipe your reality away.
It´s not your eyes, it´s your heart that wants to stay.

Just to remain blinded, ´cause everything else is too much to bear
for you to imagine and handle
that reality as a bottom up candle
that is lightning up the world
and burning the borders that you have build.

You are not competing with another person
You are fighting with the comfort
of being in my never-interrupted twisted world.

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