Milk and Honey (by Rupi Knaur)

When the heart starts drumming faster,

and the belly feels like in a rollercoaster,

you probably met the love of your life.

I hope it won’t cut my expactations like a knife

apart from me.

I hope it’ll be like raindrops sinking down to the ground of the deep blue sea.

Make me fall in love with you deeper and deeper

and I swear for a lifetime I’ll be your keeper.


I’m so excited!! Milk and Honey came yesterday and I can’t wait to fall into it!!

Thank you Ultralife for this recommendation!


Gosh, the book is kickin‘ in.


Maybe to places you’re not ready to go.

Be careful und prepared, my love, when reading this! Remind yourself first, to treat you gentle and with love. Remind yourself first, that you are allowed to stop at any point.


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