Wrong things

The thing, you know, it was so wrong.
It changed everything into upside down.

A whole decade was soaked deeply in.
Until you came and brought the hell within
to the surface to spin
the fuck out of me.

I´m sorry.
I didn´t want you to see
the mess that it had left behind
and was hidden in my unconscious mind.

I already had reached the goal.
So have I thought.
Maybe it was a confirming test.
But I didn´t make it through.

I have lost it all.
In the darkness and was drowned in the black whole
that it had teared in my soul.

Until you have found me and reached your hand
so willingly and full with love.
You have built a land
for me to step out of the swamp
and get above
that thing.

I´ll always love you for that
and maybe one day you´ll meet the real me.

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