Wired tired brain

The brain becomes tired
when it is too wired
to emotions and energy
that are flowing and spreading in the air.

When a color of energy changes around mine
my heart is beating so god damn faster,
it´s about to explode in the mind.

Sometimes it´s not the color of energy that´s changing.
That can be the most wonderful thing.
´Cause that means you changed a lot,
you loosened the knots.
You ribbed the strings of your ropes in a completely different way.
You changed the substance of them anyway.

But when not you had the active part
in changing the geomatrical art
of your soul and your heart
I feel with you, my friend.
I promise you, it won´t be the end.

Only if you want it to.
Only you know, what you are going through.

But let me tell you this:
You are not everything.
And I don´t mean this as an offense.
I hope you realize this as an opportunity string.

´Cause there is so much more.
Deeper and hidden.
It existed before
and after.
Only for you it was angst-ridden.

You are not that open as everyone uses to think.
You are just an organ that uses to sink
and become chum in beeing dump.
You´ve forgotten where you are from.
You put a lot effort in swiping deepness away
although it´s so much easier if you wouldn´t run away.

Don´t be afraid and open up
for the source and it will rub
all the hurting away
and you´ll have a home to stay.

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