I’ll never…

I’ll never call you,

‚cause my world is whole without you.

I’ll never ask you,

‚ cause on my own I’ll get through.

I’ll never beg you,

‚cause my pride makes it a big coup.

I‘ ll never connect to you,

‚cause my wings don‘ t allow to stick like glue.

I’ll never need you,

‚cause needs are a form of a bleeding soul.

I‘ ll never need you,

‚cause it remembers me of the pain of noone to have to hold on to.

I‘ ll never connect to you,

‚cause it wakens the fear of losing a ‚ we‘ that was meant to be we two.

I’ll never beg you,

‚cause it scares me that you could easily say ’no‘.

I’ll never ask you,

‚cause I don‘ t want to bother you.

I’ll never call you,

‚cause I‘ m not able to believe, that you’d like to spend your time for me, I can’t imagine, that this could be true.

But if I do

I love you.

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