Maybe your kind of feeling separated is not an illness but more a natural need of you being an introvert?

For a long time, nearly most of my life, I thought my behaviors when I’m handling the outside world have their source in being mental ill. Which was easy to assume because I was mentally ill. But actually I found out a year or two years ago, that a lot of behaviors are just natural and I could learn to totally rearrange my judgemnent from wrong and sick to lovable and peaceful with strength at places most extroverts have no access to. I could learn to embrace them, I could learn to accept and embrace me. It was such a big part of the healing process.

Maybe you’ll find yourself being more healthy than you’ve always thought?

Have you ever wondered, why everyone around you seem to have unlimited resources being with others or in noisy environments?

Do you sometimes crave for calm, silence and would you appreciate to sneak in a vacuum but you are to shy to ask for it, ‚cause noone seems to understand?

Do you feel irritated by these and several circumstances that seem to separat your behavior from your environment?

Read the enlightening article from and I hope it helps you to get a better understanding of you being an introvert.

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