Sharing with you will be the hardest step for me to take. It's tough to deal with the risk of you remembering nothing else.


Play me. Betray me. Fool me. Be cruel to me. All I can see is a reflection of me. Just like post-its. On my forehead that you stick on me. How could it be possible that your plays can slay whatever I think I am? As warning signs they stand in the shadow of the... Weiterlesen →


Love without trust.Lust.Missin' the mustOf intimacyTo love beyond borders.To live a life to its whole capacity.

The fall

Abandoned fear Dropping tear Arms that hold my knees tight Back pressed to a wall feels as cold as ice I'm falling and falling Whilst I'm busy to fight No end in sight But I also know I have the right To have a life That is as bright as the sunlight But for now... Weiterlesen →

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