The reason you’re here

If I ask you for help I offer you a place in my life to stand besides me. If I reach out for your hand I overcome my inner hell to let anyone near. If I tell you a thing know you're pretty special to me.

Which one?

I'm afraid you're not enough, I'm terrified you'll be too much. I'm scared to trust. Which part is the one judge? Do I think these thoughts by myself? Or is it deeper, a problem from somewhere else, to shelter the cause still in shelf. Questioning this process hits pretty hard, I'm still learning to trust... Weiterlesen →

Changing instantly

I just wanna tell you, Im really sorry. I cancelled our plans - again - lately. I just want you to know, it's all about me. I also was hoping my desire for alone-time would flee. But to be honest, it never did, and it never won't. That's how it'll always be with me. Hope... Weiterlesen →


If I act kind to you, you probably may not be aware of that's how I chose to be with you. It's less about that I have to.

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