IH – Introvert Hangover

Sometimes I need to flee. Slip back and drop out of their reality. To a place hidden inside, where I can breathe, repair and reconnect the pieces they didn't see collapsing under their noises silently. A place, where I can be free to be an uninterrupted me.

From beginnings and endings

Humbling and stumbling. Fluttering and stuttering, left speechless after being with you. Haven't foreseen this. Can't I trust myself anymore? Fell down to the floor, laid shaked in horror. Did it really happen? Don't get this iny my head. Have you been the beginning of the end? At least for a decade in which I've... Weiterlesen →


I'm not gonna be your magical healer. If you have these expectations just drop me off. But I'll always be an observer and not gonna be letting you down, if that's what you want. One thing never ends: The love for you flowing through my heart. There's only one thing bigger. The love for myself... Weiterlesen →

Just a NO!

Got a clear thought, I actually don't want that. Got an utterly feeling but so flat, couldn't tell more than this dread suspicion flickering in my head. But even this spreads and widens up. Shut up, shut up. Turn the noises down, I can't hear my guts, I can't recognize my own frown. Desperately trying... Weiterlesen →


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