Weiße Wolke, strahlend vom Licht. Reines Hellblau scheint hindurch und sticht, direkt ins Herz, in die Seele. Verhangene Sicht. Auch wenn Du mich lässt und die Wolke durchbricht, liegt dahinter ein Universum, das man nicht sieht.

„White trash beautiful“

"White trash beautiful" You've said you didn't know, what this song for me was about, when you haven't been around. "I'm coming home to you, girl." That's what it says. But you never wanted to be part of my world. And that somehow still hurts.


I can't pretend, there are no unfulfilled needs. But I promise, I'll always take care of these. They'll never be your responsibility!


I like that state after seperating for a couple of days. This is the place where I am totally free to be just me.

All about you

If you don't want to be with me, your choice will be ok. Just let me assure my intentions are pure. It's all about you, if you wanna be around me like I do with you.

How to mess up

It's not the big thing that messes us up. It's the small things, beginning when you wake up: Not to have a clear heart, just one bad thought not focussing on how to start, energy not flowing into how to practice self-love, not believing you can make out the best of it all.

2 am

2 am. The hour of writers and thinkers. Oh wonderful creatures, never stop to enrich the world with your enlightening pictures.


Questioning someones loyality brings a lot of heavy pain. Noone will ever have to question mine for them.

Fix it

Some parts cannot be fixed. The past is the past, it has already left. The circumstances have been set. Instead fix yourself so hard, that no future past dictates who you are.


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