2 am

2 am. The hour of writers and thinkers. Oh wonderful creatures, never stop to enrich the world with your enlightening pictures.


Questioning someones loyality brings a lot of heavy pain. I will never let anyone go through the same by making them questioning mine for them.

Fix it

Some parts cannot be fixed. The past is the past, it has already left. The circumstances have been set. But instead of living a life in regret fix yourself so hard, that no future past dictates who you are.


Shivers down my skin by a connection yet still thin. Shivers down my spine by the excitement to combine your thoughts with mine.


Wenn ich Dich frage, dann nicht, weil ich die Einsamkeit nicht ertrage. Ginge es darum, wäre ich nicht allein. Aber ich frage nur Dich, weil Du besonders für mich bist. Sagst Du nein, möchte ich auch nicht mit jemand anderem sein.

#sundays #prayer

Dear YOU, I am a mirror of you, you are a mirror of me. In this life we only have limited time to be. I promise to not waste it, neither mine nor anyone elses time. I speak the truth even when my voice shakes or breaks. I am the best person I can possibly... Weiterlesen →

Will you open up?

You won't show up too much, exactly like someone I love a lot and who has, in my life, one of the biggest parts. I yet don't know, if you would propabaly open up, and I yet do not know, if I could handle that, when I had to puzzle about the intentions of your... Weiterlesen →


Such a shame, I fell back again into habits causing me pain. Instead of ending them I'm making same mistakes all over again.


Suffering appears by expecting something in return. Losing pain and fears, requires to know my expectations are not realities concern.


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