What strength is about…

is laying shook with your tear dropping eyes on the ground, tasting the dirt which is poured to your mouth, not standing strong and tall with every toe on the ground, but not releasing the faith there's something great it's all about, a piece of a puzzle that needs to be ripped out of the... Weiterlesen →

#INTP Issues or should I call it #autism?

Why don't you just fall out of my mouth? Why are you sheddering on your way out to sprout? Why don't the pictures in my head change into what anyone would understand? Why are there storms between brain and words? Why do you have to change the tongue to drop out, and to express exactly... Weiterlesen →


Refreshing enjoyable water splashes, rinsing the dirt on the soul. Coming out of the unconsciousness, it's your nature, the way you are born. Energetic mountain water, unstoppably bursting out. Smashing surfaces by flinging yourself down. A force of nature, the essantial to plant new healing sprouts. Not everyone can handle and withstand tall and without... Weiterlesen →

All about you

'Hey what's new?' I'm sorry. You're dismissed! All you obviously wanna do is overlook the mist I wanted to take you. Asking me this question is your fist punching straight in the clue I had of a possible me and you. I know your intentions were good. But like everyone else you are just following... Weiterlesen →

Blind side

When I speak my mind noone gets it right. You missunderstood what I handed you as insight. Is there anyone who can keep up with what's behind? I'm better be keeping it all inside.

IH – Introvert Hangover

Sometimes I need to flee. Slip back and drop out of their reality. To a place hidden inside, where I can breathe, repair and reconnect the pieces they didn't see collapsing under their noises silently. A place, where I can be free to be an uninterrupted me.


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