Punishing myself – for what?

And I hate myself for letting my heart feel this anger and pain. I don't wanna fill mybody with this crucial stains. I'm hurting my shelfs but it's necessary to get over you for the rest of my life. So I'll allow myself to feel this bad stuff for a limited period of time. Then... Weiterlesen →


... Now I hate you as much, as I've loved you: From the bottom of my heart. I'm not over you yet. Can't wait for the day where my feelings for you left. The day will come, when I'll be done.

Burning down

I needed to accept the frown that showed up as a sign right from the start, that something first has to burn down to build new things up.


You' ve always known you did me wrong from the first words that slipped of your tongue. That's the only reason you were badly off. But I guess it was easier to say, it was all my fault.

Bad luck

I wanted to take care of you, to be there while you are going through the stuff your unconsciousness is showing you, the feelings that your heart holds on to, the crying and the pain. And you've chosen to let me go again.


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