Blissful love

Love someone for whom he is. The good and the bad shall reveal the bliss. One look in the eye, and the simple joy of this special existence in your life. With the decision you never want to miss it. If you need more, it is not love.

I’ll never…

I'll never call you, 'cause my world is whole without you. I'll never ask you, ' cause on my own I'll get through. I'll never beg you, 'cause my pride makes it a big coup. I' ll never connect to you, 'cause my wings don' t allow to stick like glue. I'll never need you,... Weiterlesen →

Devil in disguise

The reflection of you, if it is bad, is a rejection of me, that I am really sad. If I call you ´devil in disguise´ I´m not acting wise enough, ´cause actually I really do know, when your devil is up to show, it is mine, that comes out to show me every sprout of... Weiterlesen →

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