Sick game

I asked for nothing only for your heart to stay. You came bumping and made me crave. What a sick game you made me play. All I ever wanted was you to care.


Now that you are away everything that stays are bursted dreams that let reality peep out again. This is not what I thought we were going to be.


You really wanna know about me? Then read. Read what I write. Don't listen, don't look but open your eyes and read. Thats the purest me you'll ever find. 'Cause everything else behaves like a thief. It steels my clarity, my sanity. Noises make me fuzzy. Your feelings make me dizzy. It' s all coloring... Weiterlesen →


Hope is the rope holding everything together. Without this coat everything comes asunder.


Is the tragedy with me, 'cause I allowed you to make my heart bleed every time you rejected me over the past three years? Is the tragedy with you, 'cause you've lost the one who loved you unconditionally in every step you went through?

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